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Day-to-day security products become more important in the household.

We are living in uncertain times. There are 6 million criminal offences annually, and over 500.000 dangerous attacks by snappish dogs. More and more fellow men can not do anything against the daily rising violence. The police are desperate and understaffed, the numbers of victims grow every day. The attacks, break-ins and thefts are increasing daily.

So we have decided to offer only products for your personal security, because effective means for your self-defence are more than ever in demand.

Security-Discount Germany was founded in 1996. It has developed very quickly a strong reputation as a quick and favourable mail order company for security products.

The complete assortment is anytime on hand in our local store - so delays are unlikely.
Normal delivery time is approximately two days from receipt of order.

We would like to welcome you among our clientele and invite you to visit our subsequent pages.

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